Conference was a great success

On 12th December 2019 hundreds of students met in a big video conference to share Christmas traditions around the world. Since 2015 our school has invited educators and their students from all continents to give information, sing, dance or whatever they prepare in advance to get the right mood to the upcoming Christmas event.

This year, we invited educators and students, who are non- Christians, as well to join this conference, to learn, to compare and to identify themselves with their own religion.
Many participant sang or had symbols to be shown during their presentations. 
To cover time differences we set up 4 time slots of about 70 minutes each. So we could reach people in Oceania as well as classes from the American East Coast. But European classes also joined this event.
Thanks to everyone between Manila and Holland/USA, who took strong effords to set up a well done meeting.
See you again in 2020 when we will repeat this event the 5th time. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
Katrin and Reinhard


  1. Thank you very much for your invitation!The students had a unique experience with this online multicultural exchange. We also hope to repeat this again next year!
    Irini Kafida , Gymnasium Agria, Greece

  2. It was a fabulous event which united students and educators from around the globe! Thanks a lot for the opportunity to share Russian Christmas carols during the first session and learn from other participants.
    Elena Shramkova, Smart Teens Studio, Volokonovka, Russia

  3. Thanks to Reinhard Marx, I really enjoyed myself being a part of this tremendous event "We light up the World"! Such an amazing experience of watching and listening to students from all over the world telling about Christmas, singing and sharing with their Christmas traditions there. Looking forward to the next year to take a part with my studnets there.

  4. "We light up the world" was as always a wonderful opportunity for both students and teachers to meet around Holiday traditions. It feels like I have known some of You for quite some time now, and I sometimes referes to You as my "global and around the world colleagues and educators"!
    It´s a tradition to listen to different countries holiday songs and traditions as well to make the Lucia song preformance, this year together with Richard and Emma by the grand piano, not only for our school and around our small society at the west coast of Sweden, but also for the "We light up the world" conference". So a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays until next time!

  5. My students and colleagues at the agricultural college really enjoyed the Global Conference, organized by Reinhard Marx! We appreciate your efforts and will be happy to participate next year. We also would like to get closer with all participants at Flipgrid (flipcode is 12dec). Dear educators you are welcome to join me as co-pilots (my e-mail:


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